10 Different Website Types A Web Designer Can Create For Your Business

In the same sense that carpenters create many different products made from wood, and fashion designers a wardrobe full of clothes from fabrics, web designers can create a large array of websites. However, in the case of web design, they are not using physical materials but lines of digital code, programming, and software.

Web designers are mainly asked to create websites for businesses. Still, given the vast spectrum of business types and sizes, a web designer must be able to offer clients a choice of different business websites. Now, it is true that some web designers specialise and remain within a specific niche, such as local business websites, however, most web designers will offer multiple options, such as the ten business website types we have detailed below.

eCommerce Website

One of the most common business websites, it allows sales of physical products through a checkout function. eCommerce website sizes will be dictated by the number of products on sale, although they usually have the facility to grow as new product pages are added.