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Find the Best Free and Premium Joomla Templates
If you are planning to build a professional Joomla website for a company, I highly recommend using a premium template. Choosing a commercial Joomla theme can bring you a lot of benefits. First of all you can be sure that these templates are well coded and reliable.

Most paid Joomla templates come with full documentation to help you modify and customize them easily. Many of these commercial Joomla themes also include a quick-start package. This is beneficial if you want to re-create the same website layout and structure like in the demo. Usually paid templates include free support and updates.

So if you can afford paying for a professional designed Joomla template, please check out the premium Joomla templates category, otherwise, check out our free category as well. One of the most popular questions we get asked is ‘How do Joomla templates perform with SEO“, so we created a Joomla SEO page just for this.

Building Your Own Joomla Website
Whether you want to create a hobby website for yourself or a business website for your company, here at NewJoomlaTemplates you can choose from a wide range of designs. You can find free as well paid Joomla templates for your project.

joomla website building templates web hosting – Choosing a theme and a design for your Joomla website is important; however there are other important things to consider as well. It is essential to pick a good Joomla hosting provider too. There might be free joomla hosting plans, but with these you can’t plan for the future. If you are thinking in to the long run, and you want to build a website for the future, you will definitely need to purchase a paid Joomla hosting plan.

If you think that each web host is the same, you are wrong. There are hundreds of web hosting companies who offer Joomla hosting, but when it comes to customer support or server performance, they are failing to provide you with what they have promised.

If you are creating a Joomla website for your company, I recommend choosing a business Joomla host, while for a hobby website you can use a cheaper hosting such as iPage.

I don’t recommend using free hosting service, because these are unreliable, your site might get hacked and the support is in-existent. Also there are many extensions or templates that are banned from free hosting servers due to high vulnerability code. So if you want to use Joomla at its full potential, you have to get a premium hosting plan.