Discover the Perfect Match for Your Joomla Adventure!

You’re on the brink of an exciting journey, ready to launch your Joomla-powered website. But here’s a question: why settle for regular hosting when Joomla hosting can propel your online presence to new heights? At New Joomla Templates, your go-to source for top-notch Joomla templates, we understand the nuances that make Joomla hosting the ideal choice for your website. Let’s dive into this journey together!

Tailored Performance – Just Like a Custom-Made Suit!

Just like a chef needs the right kitchen, your Joomla site needs the right hosting. Regular hosting is the all-purpose kitchen – good for many, but not specialized. Joomla hosting, on the other hand, is that custom-built kitchen perfectly equipped for your Joomla recipes. It’s optimized for performance, with features that fit Joomla like a glove. Your site runs faster, smoother, and more efficiently. It’s not just hosting; it’s a performance boost for your Joomla site!

A Beginner’s Guide to Effortless Website Management

You’re standing at the threshold of creating your own Joomla website, an exciting venture into the digital world. But there’s a question that might be niggling at the back of your mind: “Do I need to be a tech expert to manage Joomla hosting?” We’re here to dispel this myth at New Joomla Templates and guide you through an effortless journey of managing your Joomla website, even if you’re not a tech guru.

Joomla Hosting: Not Just for Techies

First things first, Joomla is a robust and flexible platform. But, don’t let that scare you. Managing its hosting isn’t reserved for tech gurus. It’s actually pretty user-friendly, and here’s why:

  • Intuitive Control Panels: Think of these as your easy-to-navigate dashboard. They make managing your website as simple as scrolling through your social media feed.
  • One-Click Installations: Remember when installing something online used to be a headache? Not anymore! Joomla hosting offers a one-click installation process. It’s like clicking ‘play’ on your favorite streaming service.


FLEX – Multi-Purpose Joomla Template By Aplikko

Flex is the bestseller, super flexible, multi-purpose Joomla template that can fit in any type of website you are building. It incorporates predefined features and options that you can use for faster template development.


TheKing – Clean Joomla Template for eCommerce & Business Websites
TheKing is a simple, clean Joomla template for business and eCommerce website. The template is compatible with VirtuMart, therefore is suitable for creating a professional online shop.


Canny – Clean Fashion & Portfolio Joomla Template
Canny is a multi-purpose premium Joomla template, which can be used for different type of websites. It well suits a fashion, corporate or even a portfolio website.


Prixomo – Corporate Business Joomla Template
Prixomo is a professional Joomla template that can fit any type of website. It could be a very good choice for corporate business sites, agency, non-profit or general business webpage. The template uses the Bootstrap framework and all its features.