Discover the Perfect Match for Your Joomla Adventure!

You’re on the brink of an exciting journey, ready to launch your Joomla-powered website. But here’s a question: why settle for regular hosting when Joomla hosting can propel your online presence to new heights? At New Joomla Templates, your go-to source for top-notch Joomla templates, we understand the nuances that make Joomla hosting the ideal choice for your website. Let’s dive into this journey together!

Tailored Performance – Just Like a Custom-Made Suit!

Just like a chef needs the right kitchen, your Joomla site needs the right hosting. Regular hosting is the all-purpose kitchen – good for many, but not specialized. Joomla hosting, on the other hand, is that custom-built kitchen perfectly equipped for your Joomla recipes. It’s optimized for performance, with features that fit Joomla like a glove. Your site runs faster, smoother, and more efficiently. It’s not just hosting; it’s a performance boost for your Joomla site!

A Beginner’s Guide to Effortless Website Management

You’re standing at the threshold of creating your own Joomla website, an exciting venture into the digital world. But there’s a question that might be niggling at the back of your mind: “Do I need to be a tech expert to manage Joomla hosting?” We’re here to dispel this myth at New Joomla Templates and guide you through an effortless journey of managing your Joomla website, even if you’re not a tech guru.

Joomla Hosting: Not Just for Techies

First things first, Joomla is a robust and flexible platform. But, don’t let that scare you. Managing its hosting isn’t reserved for tech gurus. It’s actually pretty user-friendly, and here’s why:

  • Intuitive Control Panels: Think of these as your easy-to-navigate dashboard. They make managing your website as simple as scrolling through your social media feed.
  • One-Click Installations: Remember when installing something online used to be a headache? Not anymore! Joomla hosting offers a one-click installation process. It’s like clicking ‘play’ on your favorite streaming service.

7 Essential Elements Modern Business Websites Designs Should Have

For any business owner looking for web designers to design and build a new website, choosing one can be somewhat similar to choosing a kitchen designer or landscaping designer. You would ask around to see if anyone you know could recommend one, you would research their past work, and then you might request that they create a quotation for you.

Another similarity is that, with a kitchen and a landscaped garden, there will be essential elements you would insist upon having in their designs. In a kitchen, you would want a sink and a cooker. In a landscaped garden, a lawn, and pathways, for example. So, when hiring web designers to create your new website, there will be some elements within its design that are essential and non-negotiable in terms of their inclusion.

Thankfully, suppose you do proper research and choose a professional web designer with a proven track record. In that case, it is almost certain that their knowledge and experience already have them aware of what those non-negotiables are and how to keep the conversion rates high. The question is, do you know what must be included within your website? If not, we have explained them all below for you.

10 Different Website Types A Web Designer Can Create For Your Business

In the same sense that carpenters create many different products made from wood, and fashion designers a wardrobe full of clothes from fabrics, web designers can create a large array of websites. However, in the case of web design, they are not using physical materials but lines of digital code, programming, and software.

Web designers are mainly asked to create websites for businesses. Still, given the vast spectrum of business types and sizes, a web designer must be able to offer clients a choice of different business websites. Now, it is true that some web designers specialise and remain within a specific niche, such as local business websites, however, most web designers will offer multiple options, such as the ten business website types we have detailed below.

eCommerce Website

One of the most common business websites, it allows sales of physical products through a checkout function. eCommerce website sizes will be dictated by the number of products on sale, although they usually have the facility to grow as new product pages are added.

How to find the best web design services without breaking a sweat

We all know how important websites are to a business and how they can amplify the sales of brick-and-mortar stores as well. But with every Tom, Dick and Harry opening up their own cheap web design company, apart from every hippie who can click a mouse trying their hand at web designing, how does one get the most bang for their buck while keeping the not-so-good web designers at bay.

Well, for those who are wondering about the answers, here are a few tips you can use to make the best decisions when hiring web design and development services. These tips will also enable you to match your web design needs to web design services based on specialty.

Create a Partnership

Designing a website is a collaborative effort that involves two parties: the business that requires the web design and the company that will provide them with web designing services. Keeping an open flow of communication with the web designer you choose will be necessary. As a customer, one can ask for a demo of the web designer’s services to see whether or not they can explain in terms you can understand. Ask for customer referrals, look at their previous projects, and, most importantly, deal with pricing before they begin work on your website.

5 Web Design Improvements That Can Boost Sales And Profits

Often, when business owners approach web designers for help with their websites, the outcome is not always a completely new website being created. It is common for a web designer to be impressed with the existing website and, instead of recommending a new one, advise that changes and improvements be made to the existing design.

This is especially so when the main problem that a business owner has is that their website is doing very little to contribute sales and profits to their business. It might not be an eCommerce website where sales are made directly, but a website designed to promote the business and generate leads. If neither of these is happening, it is usually due to a compromised website design, so changes to it are essential.

Realistically, we could list dozens of possible improvements that might be required for a poorly performing website, but experience tells us that just a few occur regularly. As such, below, we have detailed five standard website design improvements proven to bolster a website’s performance.

Web Design Improvement #1 – Revamp The Written Content

One of the most significant errors business owners make is they completely underestimate the importance that the written content on their website has, often hiring the cheapest possible writers and taking no care as to how accurate or how well written the content is that they publish on their website. The first step in improving a website is to check and edit the existing content and ensure that any new content posted there is of the highest quality.


JA Campaign – Free Joomla template

JA Campaign is a free Joomla template to quickly build a community support campaign website with offer listing feature, offer submit system and customizable email systems.

Three Points

Three Points Joomla Template

Professional Joomla templates. Responsive, fully customizable with easy Drag-n-Drop Nicepage editor. Adjust colors, fonts, header and footer, layout and other design elements, as well as content and images.


School – Free Education Joomla Template
School is the perfect free Joomla template for education websites. If you are planning to create a Joomla based site for a nursery, kindergarten, day-care, school, university or campus, this might be a very good template to choose.