Hello! So you want to know who is behind this website?

Well, there is only me, a nice guy who loves Joomla. I have been building Joomla websites for over ten years now. I have designed and developed many free Joomla templates in these years which I have been sharing on this website. Unfortunately I had not much time lately to take care of this site and update my templates, so I decided to rebuild the NewJoomlaTemplates site from scratch.

The concept behind this website is to collect the best Joomla templates in one place. Be it free or commercial, if a template worth sharing and using, you will find it on this website.

In the past I have been providing Joomla web design and web development services, but I no longer accept new clients. Sorry about that! I’m mostly focusing on my personal projects, just like this one.

If you are a Joomla developer who is creating free or commercial templates or just found a Joomla template, please submit it to my website.

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About us
We are a small team of designers and developers, dedicating our full time to create websites. For most of our projects we use Joomla, therefore we have decided to offer something for the community. This site is a collection of our Joomla templates.