Blue Lotus

Blue Free Joomla Business Template

Blue Lotus is the first from our new generation templates. This template is using our new framework, which allows users to customize the templates very easy, it comes with a good SEO optimized layout and has lots of integrated modules. The template support multiple drop down menus, slideshow, fully collapsible modules. BlueLotus is using MavenPro font, from Google font directory. You can change this font anytime, editing the template files. This theme is using only CSS styles, which provides a faster loading for your website.

BlueLotus, and all our upcoming templates, are very flexible, easy to customize and to work with. The logo can be changed by overwriting the existing logo image, or create a Custom HTML module and place a PNG image file into it, positioning the module on ‘logo’.

For the slideshow, we have created a module, based on the popular NivoSlider javascript. You can download this great Joomla compatible slideshow module here, and install it to your site. BlueLotus overrides the slideshow css styles and images, so the arrows and navigation buttons will fit the template design.

We highly recommend using this template for company presentation sites, but it can be used for a wide range of categories.